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Key statistics

With 70 years of experience in the Transportation of refined products over the road, Grupo Transportes relies on a trained team of experts in logistic solutions for your business.

With a network of more than 500 employees in our 11 terminals and Corporate, our company is committed to one purpose: To supply the fuel that keeps the country moving with safety and efficiency.

The backbone of our company is the personnel, so we make sure to promote constant training for everyone in this family. The equipment used by Grupo Transportes reflects the state of the art with a range of features that allow us to provide safety and convenience every mile.

Our purpose is to exceed your expectations

We care deeply about the service we provide to all of our customers, so we follow strict standards that warrant excellence in operation.

Grupo Transportes aims to maintain high productivity and efficiency rates in the operation of the tanker trucks by relying on our assets: qualified personnel, advanced technology and solid operative infrastructure.


We have 300 trucks with double stainless tank. Every truck has a capacity of 60 thousand liters for the transportation of products such as gasolines, diesel, and jet fuel.


With 70 years of experience, we are the national leader in transportation of refined products; we have a record of 34 million kilometers traveled a year, and we are one of the most important suppliers for PEMEX.


We capitalize technology for the benefit of our customers and our company. We use state of the art technology, such as:

  • Powerful software for planning road routes in Mexico.
  • Advanced localization system with real time monitoring GPS integration.
  • Complete ERP system for operative excellence.

National Presence

Our 11 terminals are strategically located around the country, covering the most important routes for fuel and gasolines supply.




Our staff of drivers is highly experienced in the transportation of hazardous material, which allows us to comply with federal requirements and strict safety standards.


Grupo Transportes has a network of technical expertise in every terminal. Our mechanic experts make sure to monitor the following tasks:

  •  Statutorily prescribed periodic inspections
  •  Tests of electrical, and mechanical elements to prevent accidents
  •  Technical support at the terminal and on the spot

Tanker Fleet

Our trucks and tanks are equipped with the most sophisticated features in the transportation industry for liquid hazardous goods. The most frequent transported goods are gasolines, diesel and jet fuel.


All of our units have satellite tracking to keep up with real time geolocation. All data is stored and is available for further consultations that allow the Management and Operational Staff to have solid indicators for continuous operational improvement.
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